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Android App launched

07. May 2016
Today ive launched the TSViewer.com WebApp at the Android Play Store.

This App is a WebApp, that means its basically just an browser that opens the mobile TSViewer.com page. The advantages by using this app versus your regular browser are:

  • Page gets loaded without regular desktop ads, thereby it loads faster, gets rendered faster and there is less traffic used

  • Page gets displayed without browser addressbar and browser action buttons -> more screen space

The App has advertising integrated at the border bottom of the screen. You can remove this ads permanently with an in-app payment.

An native TSViewer.com app is almost finished as well but has less features than this WebApp. It will maybe come online soon.

Why is the app so big?

The App contains the current Chromium browser so TSViewer.com gets displayed the same and can be used smoothly on all devices (depending on device performance).

Crashes, errors and issues

The App has been tested by me on 5 different devices and also by friends. No issues are currently known. But there will be propably devices and configurations on that the App does crash. Let me know if you have any issues: [email protected]