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TSViewer goes Operation Big Scan

10. Jun 2005
It has itself done again something around the project.
The search for someone on any TS server is now possible.
All registered servers are scanned every 20 minutes as well as "onthefly" by visitors which are surfin the page and the persons on the teamspeakservers are put into the data base. Now it is also possible to search for someone e.g. for the name "abraxas" and to see on which server he is located or on which server he was the last time located.

But this is not yet everything!
The integration of the TSViewer on the own homepage is now possible with a "Iframe". You dont need any PHP or HTML knowledge anymore. As the third feature it is now also possible to scan strange TS server which are not registered in the tsviewer data base. It is only the input of IP, UDP Port (standard 8767) and the Query Port (standard 51234) necessary.