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TeamSpeak 3 Client Version released

31. Oct 2012
TeamSpeak Systems released updates for the TeamSpeak 3 client. First came version and a few days earlier a hotfix to version Release notes

This version is a hotfix that fixes an issue with the sound pack selection, which caused the default female sound pack to be selected when you did not modify your bookmarks since version 3.0.1 of the TeamSpeak client.

If you already updated to the 3.0.9 release you will unfortunately have to set the sound pack for each bookmark in the bookmark manager or use the new button that was added to the notifications area in the options dialog to automatically set all your bookmarks to use the sound pack selected in the notification options.

If you have not yet updated to the 3.0.9 release you won't have to do anything. Release notes

This hotfix takes care of the hotkey issue where hotkeys were no longer recognized by TeamSpeak with games running as administrator.
Besides a minor fix to whisper lists there are no other changes.

Complete list of changes

=== Client Release 25 Oct 2012
+ Added button in notifications to set all bookmark soundpacks to "default".
- Fixed converter setting "default" instead of "default female voice" so old bookmarks use soundpack in notifications.

=== Client Release 30 Oct 2012
- Reverted running privileged behaviour which was changed for 3.0.9 and causes hotkeys not working with games running as administrator.
- Fixed writing whisper group targets.

An upgrade is as always recommended. For source downloads please visit the downloads page, or simply use the auto-update feature through your existing client.

Release thread at the official forums