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TeamSpeak 3 Server 3.0.2 Released

01. Mar 2012
The TeamSpeak development team is pleased to announce the immediate availability of version 3.0.2 the TeamSpeak 3 Server. This release introduces a completely reworked anti-spam system and several important bug fixes.

In addition, they have taken lots of feedback from the community and our many ATHPs to make the global management of permissions easier to use in general. Namely with two new ServerQuery commands to ease the pain when having to change the permissions on each of your virtual servers at the same time. Here's an example:

Assign b_virtualserver_modify_maxclients to all regular servergroups with i_group_auto_update_type 45 (Server Admin):
servergroupautoaddperm sgtype=45 permsid=b_virtualserver_modify_maxclients permvalue=1 permskip=0 permnegated=0

Remove b_virtualserver_modify_maxclients from all regular servergroups with i_group_auto_update_type 45 (Server Admin):
servergroupautodelperm sgtype=45 permsid=b_virtualserver_modify_maxclients

All server providers are strongly encouraged to upgrade to version 3.0.2. The update process is very simple. Simply extract the package file and overwrite all changed files on the server. For MySQL users, please refer to the changelog for a list of necessary database migration steps.

Here's the full changelog for the new release:

=== Server Release 3.0.2 29 February 2012
! anti spam system reworked
- removed virtualserver_antiflood_points_needed_warning, virtualserver_antiflood_points_needed_kick, virtualserver_antiflood_points_needed_ban, virtualserver_antiflood_ban_time
- added virtualserver_antiflood_points_needed_command_block
- stops executing of commands, no ban is invoked anymore
- added virtualserver_antiflood_points_needed_ip_block
- prevents from connecting, no ban is invoked
! mysql users please alter all fields in tables "servers" and "clients" regarding download/upload from "int unsigned" to "bigint unsigned"
+ whoami shows client_origin_server_id (server which the client does belong too)
+ addded servergroupautodelperm and servergroupautoaddperm bound to b_permission_modify_power_ignore (check docu for details)
- fixed empty channeledit command invoked an channeledit message to clients
- fixed query ban message had no line endings
- fixed issue with permlist commands giving not correct error back on an empty list

"We got a lot of feedback that helped us to improve our product. Please continue to help us to identify bugs in order to ensure that all things behave as expected." - TeamSpeak Systems

Release discussion thread at the official forums