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TeamSpeak 3 Client 3.0.4 beta available

01. Feb 2012
Yesterday, TeamSpeak Systems released client 3.0.4 in their beta channel (explained further below how you get it). They hope to fix the crash on connect for some users, but it's still on their todo to solve this problem completely.

They changed also, that ServerQuery clients where shown by default, when a bookmark was added. A server tab now shows, the custom name of your bookmark.

Complete list of changes

=== Client Release 3.0.4 ?? Jan 2012
* Caps Lock now available as hotkey on Mac
* Minor bookmarks manager layout overhaul
- Fixed misbehaving "More" button in All Clients List
- Fixed possible crash when connecting to server
- Fixed chat input field when switching chat tabs and text was selected
- Disable "Show ServerQuery Clients" when adding a bookmark via a ts3server:// link with "addbookmark=<label>".
- Use nickname of default identity when connecting via ts3server://
- Hide empty global "Plugins" menu when no plugin creates a global menuitem.
- Display bookmark name in server tab, bookmark name was previously ignored.
- Fixed detecting changes in bookmarks manager with new serverquery and soundpack settings.
- Add bookmark from ts3server link as last item on first level of the tree instead of subitem of the last folder.
- Calling requestFileList in plugins no longer opens file browser window in client (note plugins should use return codes to implement this properly).

How to get the beta client

(1) Wait until it is released to the stable channel (presumably ~1 week), and use the normal update dialogue.

(2) Tell your TeamSpeak Client to check for updates from the beta channel:
- Go to where you installed teamspeak. There should be (among other things) a executable called "update"
- In this folder create or edit the file called "update.ini", after you are done with it the contents should be:


- Save the file, start TeamSpeak and go to Help -> Check for Update, it should report a new version available.

Release thread at the official forums