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TeamSpeak 3 Client 3.0.3 available

24. Jan 2012
TeamSpeak Systems did release TeamSpeak 3 Client Version 3.0.3, which contains multiple bug fixes and improvements. This version has been stewing in the beta channel for 10 days already, so those with their client configured for beta channel already have this.

Complete list of changes

+ Added feature or noticeable improvement
- Bug fix or something removed
* Changed or Information
! Important - Take note!

=== Client Release 3.0.3 20 Jan 2012
! Updated plugins API to 15
+ Improved ban list, now shown as a table. Added sorting and filtering. Right-click on table header to configure which table columns to show.
+ Plugin API: Added function banclientdbid. Added new parameter lastNickName to onBanListEvent.
+ Plugin API: Added parameter clientUniqueIdentity to onClientChatClosedEvent and onClientChatComposingEvent.
+ Added custom plugin menus (global menu, channel and client contextmenus), so plugins can add menuitems to the TS3 client and receive events when the item is clicked. See the test plugin for details about implementing own menus. The Lua plugin also allows own menus.
+ Allow editing channel groups of a user in "Channel groups of Client" dialog.
+ Added button to remove all channel groups with a single click from a client in "Channel groups of Client" dialog.
+ Windows uninstaller optionally deletes all configuration files. Added new page to uninstaller where user can control this (default: do not delete).
+ Added option to clear cache on exit (Options - Security)
+ Added "Edit bookmark" to bookmarks popup menu
+ Added option to change also the nickname in connected bookmark when renamed oneself.
* Mac: Added Cmd+W shortcut to minimize main window
* Avatar images will be resized when uploading, to users can select a larger image and have TeamSpeak scale it down automatically.
* Permission tabs for channel, client and channelclient permissions are now disabled instead of being removed when the permission to list that type is missing.
* Improved behaviour of channel permissions dialog when permissions failed to be applied.
* Show server query clients is no longer a global option but for each server tab, based on a bookmark. A temporary toggle can be added by customizing the toolbar. Please update your bookmark. We do not convert the old setting!
* Because of now having all TS3 supported bbCodes usable in WYSIWYG editor, the bbCode [SIZE=+3] is just still in for convenient. Please use a fixed value like [SIZE=10] to have more possibilities.
* Newsticker allows to click on individual HTML links.
* Added link to Applications folder and background image to Mac disk image.
* Print memory usage to client log for testing purpose.
- Channel chat tab can no longer be closed.
- Hide "Error requesting ping" error log when disconnected (in this case it's not really an error).
- Hide statusbar text when mouse leaves chat text window to avoid sticky statusbar messages from hyperlinks.
- Fixed broken HTML in delete client confirmation dialog from List all Clients window when client nickname had special HTML characters like < >
- Fn key on Macbooks now recognized as hotkey
- Fixed contextmenu of bookmark menuitems when items were in subfolders
- Save channel subscriptions per server and client UID (before only per server)
- Fixed hotkey BringToFront when client was minimized.
- Fixed preventing baloontips when running a fullscreen application.
- Fixed composing and close-chat events which got previously broken.
- Fixed autoreconnecting in password-protected channel.
- Properly register packet installer file associations on Mac in the case of old Mac clients getting updated (worked when installing from dmg).
- Fixes and performance improvements for fetching and caching remote icons in channel description.
- Fixed invalid "Not connected" display in G15 plugin when closing another server tab.
- Removed option to configure chat history buffer size. Just use 20 lines.

Release thread at the official forums