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Why is my TeamSpeak server indicated as offline?

Mostly an offline message is due to an incorrect TCP query port. The TSViewer communicates via the TCP query port (default 10011) with an TeamSpeak server.

If the TCP query port is for some reason not reachable then only TCP query port based scripts like the TSViewer do have problems. People are still able to connect with the TeamSpeak client to a server and are able to talk with their buddies on it, the client does communicate over the UDP port.

Most common reasons for a not reachable TCP query port
  • blocked by server firewall or not forwarded correctly
  • TCP query port got changed
The easiest way for you to solve this issue should be to ask your hosting company what the current TCP query port for your server is (and possibly to ask if it is blocked by a firewall).

If you are hosting yourself then checkout the server configuration and your network settings.