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NEWS #121
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  • Gam3ronE

    26.07.2014, 10:59:16
    Good work

    26.07.2014, 05:32:49
    Vielen Dank für dein Engagement !

    Ich bin schon seid mehreren jahren sehr zufrieden mit deinem TSViewer.

  • hanti

    25.07.2014, 22:33:32
    great news ;)
  • Mariusz

    25.07.2014, 21:43:02
    @James: Thats what i was afraid of. Its absouletly needed as an TS3 server hosting company to whitelist the TSViewer.com IP and the IP´s from other TSViewer services or sooner or later it does run into the flood ban issue.

    Ive checked the server log for your server. This is what the PHP TSViewer and the JAVA scanner do report for your server:

    25-Jul-2014 18:38:25
    Server ID=1024286
    Server Query ERROR on command use port=10219
    error id=3329
    msg=connection failed, you are banned
    extra_msg=you may retry in 171 seconds

    It cant scan the server cause its banned (by the integrated TS3 firewall) and thats what the whitelist is for, it does prevent this from happening cause it allows a specific IP to send as many commands as it requires to.

    Nothing, except the IP address is changed on the TSViewer.com part. The software isnt touched.

    What now? :-(


    @Danny: Yeah ive moved to them. Server location is France. So far iam excited about its performance.
  • James Ellis

    25.07.2014, 21:30:53
    This is what my TS provider sent me:

    For security reasons we do not white list ip addresses. If you have been using the viewer up to this point with out any issues though then their change of ip address shouldn't impact any thing for you.

    However, my TSViewer is NOT working.
  • Danny

    25.07.2014, 21:12:17
    Everything seems to be working fine, congrats on the move. You went to OVH / SoYouStart?