Register your TeamSpeak server to make it available for features such as TSViewer Installation, User Search, Stats & Graphs, Server Banners, User Banners, ... completely free.
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TeamSpeak Server Registration on

Register your TeamSpeak server to make it available for features such as TSViewer Installation, User Search, Stats & Graphs, Server Banners, User Banners, ... it is of course all free of charge (the project is funded by advertising).

If all the mentioned features say nothing to you, it is recommended to take a look at the tour on the frontpage to get a quick overview of the possibilities.


TeamSpeak Server*
self-explanatory, TS 3 features limited at the moment
Clan or Server Name* Example: High FiDelity
Special characters as first sign are not allowed. Reason: Alphabetic listing.
Abbreviation, e.g. Clan Tag Example: HFD
You can enter here for example your clan tag (if that registration is for an clan).
Homepage Example:
This field is only for one URL. Use the description field if you want to enter more then one.
Logo or Banner Use an direct link to an image like
It has to be jpg, gif or png format. Maximum 620x130px. Everything bigger will be scaled down with correct ratio.
Country* Choose one country. Take Europe or International only if your team/project it really is.


If your server do not fit to the existing categories choose please NON - GAMING (TS not being used for Gaming) or VARIOUS - GAMING (TS used for Gaming) and fill out the "Alternative category" field with your wished category. New categories are being opened all the time if i there is a need for it (for example a new game).

Alternative category If there is no matching category you can write here what category you would want have. If you have chosen an collective-category like "Flight Simulation", "MMORPG", "Racing", etc write here what game you play or rather what purpose your server have.
Server IP* You can enter an static IP, a domain or a dynDNS.
Do not enter double dots, ports or other signs here. Just the IP.
UDP Port* Default TeamSpeak 2 UDP Port is 8767 (TeamSpeak 3 = 9987). Usually this port is located behind the IP. At this example ( would be 9999 the UDP Port.
TCP Query Port* Default TCP query port is 51234 for TS2 and 10011 for TS3. If you have access to the server.ini file you can find this port there (only TS2). If you dont know the port and the server is rent try first default port. If it dont work ask the renting company, do a port scan (illegal in some countries) and/or try the Query Port Finder (only TS2) here on the site. Some companies block this port but that happens rare. There is more information about this TCP Query Port at the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions).
Server password protected?*
The script does NOT need the password to query the TeamSpeak server.
Gameserver Name Only for the gameserver name; if you have a game server and want to represent it.
Gameserver IP:Port Only for the gameserver IP; if you have one and want to show it too.
Your Name/Nickname* This is being used for personal contact with you.
Your Email Address* This will be not published. You will get your registration confirmation to this address and from time to time a newsletter, for example when there are new functions on
Password for account editing on* If later/someday the server IP, the ports or something else do change you will be able to login and make changes with this password.
Clan or Server Description

You can enter here a desciption, it is displayed public. HTML is not allowed. Use the buttons to format the text, to insert links or images.
Authorization / data / usage information *
By submitting this form, I certify that this is my TeamSpeak server and / or Iam at least entitled to register it for this service. My TeamSpeak Host (provider) allowed me to use the TCP interface (Query port) of my server for this purpose (among others statistical returns) and to grant access (usually unspoken standard but you never know:)). I understand and I agree that for the here offered functions of the site the publicly readable data of the TeamSpeak server are regularly and sometimes in short intervals stored, processed and published, the storage times and dates are as follows: 1 month (number of users and online / offline times of the server), 1 week (user-nicknames, -times, -channels and -countries), as long as the registration exists (server version, server operating system, availability of the server).

Furthermore, I understand that for the generation of the TSViewer the data must be requested additionally and live from the server, this is done by individual request but not more often than 1x in 60 seconds.

Yes. *