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TOUR   Introduction
Get an quick overview of the richness of with this tour. Go ahead ... is a big TeamSpeak Server Database with many functions. You can search for servers and look into them. You can build the TSViewer easily into your site. You have many different dynamic Server Banners. You can search for users that are currently online and were online in the last seven days, worldwide!

For each server you have a User History, Server Activity Overview, and more. The servers are categorized game- and nongamespecific. For example eSports games like the Counter-Strike series, MMORPGs like World of Warcraft, Strategygames like Warcraft 3, Flight Simulations, Racing and many more. Click on the next point and find out more ...

Newest Registrations

IP:Port GMT (+1.00)
  •     MMO: SW - The Old Republic  Buddies TS3
    - : 50732 Sat, 01:35
  •     FLIGHT SIMULATION  Grupaer Virtual TS3
    - : 9988 Sat, 00:30
  •     FPS: ArmA Series  Cornish Pastymen TS3
    CPM : 9994 Sat, 00:18
  •     VARIOUS - GAMING  Vainox Gaming TS3
    Team Vainox : 9970 Sat, 00:00
  •     NON - GAMING  Regelberts TS3
    ReBe : 10101 Sat, 00:00
  •     VG: Grand Theft Auto  Geforce Community TS3
    GC : 9987 Fri, 23:59
  •     FPS: Counter-Strike: GO  TS Outbreak TS3
    OB : 10035 Fri, 23:43
  •     FPS: Counter-Strike: Source  INTECH TS3
    - : 10406 Fri, 23:36
  •     FPS: Counter-Strike: GO  Gaming 24/7 - Members and F... TS3
    Gm24/7 : 9987 Fri, 23:35
  •     VG: Minecraft  nameMethos TS3
    - : 10195 Fri, 23:25

Latest News


TSViewer Code Update

Good morning!

Since a few days there is a TSViewer code update and since this update its only possible to use the new and better asynchronous TSViewer code. I was asked why the TSViewer stopped working on some websites so now a note about it.

Who still is using the old integration code, please replace it please with the new one from the code generator. The old code is no longer supported because it has become unmaintainable to offer both codes. I have removed it therefore completely.

Advantage of the new code

  • TSViewer loads independently of the rest of your page and will appear as soon as everything is ready
  • interruption-free loading of your website

If you should have problems, then please let me know.

Otherwise, I'm working here and there on minor changes and optimizations, but primarily on the TSViewer code. Next comes to display of your custom icons in the TSViewer.

Update 1 - Country Flags

The display of the country flags can now be disabled with the flags parameter. Simply add &flags=0 to the long URL of the TSViewer code, for example ...&text_u_decoration_h=none&flags=0";