The TCP Query Port Finder is for people that want to find out their TeamSpeak 2 server TCP query port.

Query Port Finder

How you get your TCP Query Port
TCP Query Port Finder
The TCP Query Port Finder is only for people that want to find out their TCP Query Port. If you just want to register your server on DO NOT enter my URL at WebPost Post URL.


  • Access to the "TeamSpeak Server-Administrator Interface"
    (usually accessible from http://YOUR_SERVER_IP:14534)
  • WebPost has to be enabled on the global TeamSpeak server process. Only then Query Port Finder can work. You cant see if its enabled or disabled so you have to count on your luck.

Interface Example

Enough theory, lets do it

  • Enter the server IP, the UDP Port and your real email address into the fields beneath.
    As soon as your server reports back the TCP Query Port will be sent via email to you.

  • Go to your TeamSpeak Server-Administrator Interface >> Server settings and change WebPost PostUrl to and dont confuse Server WebPost PostUrl with Server WebPost LinkUrl. It are two different things.

  • Now you have to wait 5-10 minutes. If WebPost is enabled, your TeamSpeak server will report back itself and the email with the TCP Query Port will be sent immediately to you (check your junk/spam mail folder too). If you have waited for over 10 minutes and nothing happens then it seems that WebPost is disabled at your server. Make the field empty again.

    Just make the WebPost PostURL field empty, save settings and doublecheck it; the URL must be 100% removed.

TS2 Query Port Finder

Server IP
UDP port

  Only numeric IPs will work. DNS inputs like ts.domain.tld, will not.