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Canadian Xpress® is a Canadian based virtual airline with a free flying policy that features a wide range of freeware aircraft (FS9, FSX, P3D, & XPL) with custom liveries, panels, sounds & flight dynamics that fly as realistically possible. We offer liveries for payware aircraft where we have a freeware version in our fleet.

Canadian Xpress® is a VATSIM Autorized Training Organization (ATO) which means we are authorized to train, evaluate and issue P1 & P2 ratings to our pilots. This program is ideal for new pilots who have never flown online before, but is also a prerequisite for more experienced pilots who wish to obtain their P2, P3, P4 or P5 rating in the future.

We support flights on both the VATSIM & IVAO networks and have automatic flight logging in order to save you the hassle of manually filing your flight reports.

Pilot participation is the key at Canadian Xpress® and we encourage this by hosting OVER 100 EVENTS PER YEAR, including our Monthly Fly-In, VFRiday and Bush League Sunday. We also have monthly competitions, that will put your flying skills to the test, contests, and pilot's forum for Canadian Xpress® members and much more.

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