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As of the 22nd day of June 2015, IMA changed our main focus on being a BF4 clan to multi-gaming clan/community.

This decision was posted and voted on by all active clan members and was a 100% positive feedback.

Whilst we make a few changers here and there life still goes on.

Current clan members will not be effected by any new changes being incorporated to our mission plans for the future. Changes will be made to those wishing to join after this date.

We are currently reviewing and changing the way permission are set on our teamspeak server? this will be trial and error as our teamspeak has always been invite only(private).

We aim to make this transaction as smooth as possible.

Some dated rules have been removed in there entirety. Others are still in the process of being amended.

What ever the new changes, all returning members and new members/applicants must in the first instance; Register on the web site and make a post in the "introduce your self" forum.

Don't forget web site name and ts name must be the same! or as close as possible.

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