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Combined Assault Platoon

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FPS: Battlefield 4


=Combined Assault Platoon-HC / Multi-National Family Friendly=

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Welcome to ‹«Çombined Âssault Þlatoon»›'s home page!
We here at ‹«ÇÂÞ»› would like to send out a warm welcome
to all new members and possible recruits.
‹«ÇÂÞ»› is truly a team/friend based environment composed of some of the
best mature players to be found in the gaming community.
‹«ÇÂÞ»› can trace it's origins back to Dec 2000
in SWAT 3 and a clan called AKA.
Four members of AKA Cyanotic, Jman, Raptor, and Raven (Desperado).
Started a clan called UCS3 (United Congress of SWAT3), which later became DA (Death Angels).
Mostly a tdm/dm team DA quickly became one of the most competitive
and recognized teams in Swat.
In 2002 DA split apart with Raven leaving the clan.
Shortly after Cyanotic and Raptor decided to pick
up the pieces and forge a new group. Combined Assault Platoon.
Combined Assault Platoon has been an active presence in such games as
SWAT 3, Ghost Recon, Americas Army, Delta Force Land Warrior, Black Hawk Down, SWAT 4, Call of Duty 2, Battlefield 2,Battlefield 2142, Ghost Recon 3 (GRAW),Ghost Recon 4 (GRAW2), Rainbow Six Vegas, Call of Duty 4, Modern Warfare 2 and now Bad Company 2.. While the members have changed from time to time our leadership
at the core has always been the same.
Our main focus is teamwork, maturity, and having fun!
We hope that for the new members you will come to see ‹«ÇÂÞ»› as we do.
Not just a group of gamers but as a close-knit family that shares each other's ups and downs.

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