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MGC-LE.de | Multigaming Network™

User-friendly TeamSpeak³ server for teams, clans, friends and gamers!

TS³ - Server: ts.mgc-le.de / mgc-le.de
Website: https://mgc-le.de

What we offer you:

☛ A nice, friendly environment
☛ Helpful, friendly admins and supporters
☛ Community events
☛ Anti DDoS and DoS protection
☛ High security level (23)
☛ Rank system
☛ Musicbots
☛ Individual channels possible on request
☛ open and private channels
☛ IPv6 and IPv4 access
☛ Own team areas
☛ fast, reliable and very good connections
☛ Own web space for clans/teams
☛ 100% green electricity

About MGC-LE.de:

We started our server in June 2011 and have been trying to improve continuously ever since - we have succeeded. Our primary goal is to provide players around the world with a reliable, permanent, free and ad-free server - 24 hours a day / 7 days a week / 365 days a year. We look forward to new visitors and members - see you soon on our server 

The IP address of our server is ts.mgc-le.de / mgc-le.de

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