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Hello there and welcome on the public Teamspeak Server hosted by FYU!
In order to get started we got 3 easy rules over here:
There are [color=red]3 Steps[/color] to become a Member:

You will start as a Squire, you're allowed to create your own temp channel.

After [color=red]10 Visits [/color]you will gain the rank of a Sir, you are now allowed to use the Server with all the default rights and privileges, your channel can now be made permanent by an Admin.

Lords are the Mods of this Server. You will get this role if you have a larger group and/or if you are a loyal member [[color=red]~100 Visits[/color]].
Elect a leader of your group so the admins know who is responsible for you guys. This leader will gain the rank of a Sir immediately. Your leader is able to create channels and move his members.
Please use [color=green]common sense[/color], we don't want any insults etc on this server and those actions will lead to consequences.
That’s it for the rules, now we wish you a good time. Your Admins Qreed, FlossedMeat and Jogro! You will find us in the Head Administrators Channel.
Feel free to send us messages about your concerns or issues and we will take a look at it.

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