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1st Battalion 506th Legion

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Founded in 2014, the 1st Battalion - 506th Legion is a Gaming clan which was founded to provide a place for PC Gamers who play the same games to congregate, and play those games in a cohesive and structured team. The 1-1 506th Legion was named after the 1st Battalion 506th PIR, and pays homage to that unit. The 1-506th Legion has over 100 members with competitive teams in multiple games. We strive to help our members gain experience and knowledge to help them become better players. We have an age restriction, so there are no "Squeakers", Several Media, and Game Servers, and a well organized Teamspeak 3 Server. We give special status to Active Duty, and Military Veterans. If you are interested in joining the legion, please read our Code of Conduct, and click the button below to fill out an application to join.

In 2018 we will be giving a random member a free game every 1st and the 15th each month. see our website for more info!

We have a discord too!

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