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Welcome, To 3forpc public teamspeak server.

We use anti DDOS protection on our server to keep all guest & members safe.

3forpc public teamspeak has a 99% uptime & is regularly monitored by stuff & server bots,.

Please feel free to make 3forpc public teamspeak server your home for teamspeak.

All tags have no idel time, poke power, move power, kick from server power Or ban from server power. all aesthetic tags can be removed by any tag holder.

3forpc Public Teamspeak Server is paid up for till 30/06/2027 so we will be around for a very long time .

All Public Guest Tag are welocme to ues all the free public channels, Public 2V2 To 10V10 channels, Public Lobby, AFK & Music

All tag info can be found on our Welcome InFo tab page or our website www.3forpc.com

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