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Who are we?
The 9th Cavalry Regiment was created in 2017 to create a fun and enjoyable experience in Arma but maintain a serious element to gameplay. We a developing ArmA 3 community who follow the layout and style of a Vietnam war. 9th Cavalry Regiment are using a varying set of mods to enhance our experience and create a realistic environment. Our community is made up of like-minded individuals, who wish to play ArmA 3 together in a well-structured and professional environment.

What do we do?
We stick as closely as possible in ArmA 3, to the 9th Cavalry Regiment in our layout, procedure, and play-style. This includes our training, operations, and administration. Our goal is to provide members with a well-structured, professional and enjoyable experience which they will want to return to each time.

When do we Play?
We host a variety of events, although our main event is hosted on Saturday and we do training every Wednesday. All BCT (Basic Combat Training) sessions are hosted on Fridays. Missions typically start at 8PM GMT (BST in Summer). 9th Cavalry Also has a public server which will be up 24/7, the only days it will be taken down are for events.

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