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Social Guild
We are a guild that’s social in game, and active on different social media to keep in touch and to be able to create a teamfeeling. For our guild it’s important that we know eachother and can have fun together!

A Home for Everyone
We welcome all sorts of people, all level of experience and all ages. We do ask to keep guild chat mature, we don’t like dps spammers, and show offs. We do like good humor, fun and a joke! So don’t think we are too serious. We are just relaxed, mature and fun!

Working as a Team
There are many ways to get something done in the game. We prefer to work together as a guild. Help eachother out with that difficult quest, create an item for a guildmember, gather some materials for guildmembers so we can provide as much as we can for eachother.

Our progress might seem slow if you look at ranking. But considered the hours we play, we are doing pretty well. We are always working forward to improve people with an interest in raiding, we have forums where we share tactics, and raid logs to help ourself in our progress. We are casual, but that doesn’t mean we don’t wanna get things done!

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