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The 166th Cavalry Regiment was formed with the sole intention of providing a realistic experience for our members while still retaining a friendly community atmosphere. Our structure is based off a US Army cavalry unit, using M2A3's and Strykers as our main vehicles for troop transport. We operate in Eastern Standard Time with our main op being on Saturday at 16:30 and our FTX's on Fridays at 20:00. Upon joining members will be assigned the rank of PVT until they are able to complete Basic Combat Training at which point they will be promoted to PV2. The BCT consists of two 90 minute classes that the recruit schedules with a trainer. Please note that you do not have to pass BCT first in order to participate in events and trainings, the events listed on our calendar is open to all members. Along with having infantry and crew positions available, we do also boast a small air detachment specializing in medevac and QRF which acts as a reserve section in addition. If you are interested in joining us at the 166th, or have any questions, please drop by our teamspeak at or our website 166cr.enjin.com where you can find our recruitment form.

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