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GoG's World

PVP & PVE Veteran Server so, not for the faint hearted. You reap what you sow! Please don't cry if you get popped, retaliate! It's DayZ after all....

Our only rules; No Hacking, Duping/Exploits, Voice In Side, Trader Trolling, Racism or Personal Comments! You will get kicked/banned for abusing these rules.

Anti-Hacks running are TSW, infiSTAR, PHT, Gotcha & BattlEye and we are linked to their community ban lists. Please post ban appeals anonymously in our 'Ban Appeals' Forum.

Please turn off all other programs using your internet connection when joining. Any players with a bandwidth less than 100 will be kicked from the game as this can cause performance issues for the server.

We are a well established community with a good number of regular players. We have a well mixed balance of hero and bandit players and plenty of PvP action! The server is well maintained and has no errors running in the background. There are always plenty of players willing to help in side chat with gameplay questions that invariably come up, especially from less experienced players.

We have friendly active admins playing but, they are not there to be abused with TP requests and spawn vehicle requests where players have messed up or died. They are there to monitor potential hackers and recover problems from server glitches. Our admins won't troll you or interfere with your game unless you have requested help. They won't help you unless you are subject to a genuine glitch so as not to give you an unfair advantage over other players.

We host admin events once a week and get a fantastic turnout for these. See the gogsworld news forum for more details!

Please post your suggestions for the server here or, ask the admins in game.

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