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TCAF is a organization, created to find and combine into a military-political bloc, Russian units and individual players playing for the Capellan Confederation.

Objectives of the organization:

• The main objective of TCAF, sharing enjoyment of the game and of communication, including in real life;
• Developing and strengthening the position in the gaming universe MWO;
• Finding and organizing adequate players in the friendly staff;
• Helping players and newcomers, including not part of the TCAF;
• Organization of various events.

Basic TCAF laws:

1. Forbidden to disobey orders from a superior officer on the battlefield and in the forum .
2. Forbidden to insult members TCAF, as well as other people of the successor Houses of the Inner Sphere .
3. Forbidden to insult and change symbols and ideology TCAF.
4. Forbidden to go into company battles in state of extreme intoxication .
5. Mandatory colored mechs used within a camouflage. If you can not purchase a camouflage for real money , TCAF will try to help you.
6. Mandatory team game and training fights , at least once a week. (mandatory Wednesday and Saturday ) Must attend regular online . If for some reason you can not go more than a week in Teamspeak, this shall be reported to the leader TCAF. 3 - week absence without notice leads to exclusion from TCAF.
7. Availability of necessary programs and sound equipment for communication. (TeamSpeak 3 , headphone and microphone )
8. Permitted and rewarded initiative. All ideas should be discussed with the leader or the Military Council.
9. TCAF guarantees the assistance and protection of their fighter pilots .
10. In TCAF valued friendship , openness and mutual assistance .

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