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The 6th Airborne Division [6th AB] is a realism unit currently based in ArmA 2, as a realism unit we strive to play ArmA 2 in a realistic fashion using British military tactics and equipment to try and simulate modern British forces. The 6th Airborne bases it’s self on the modern British parachute regiments, it’s name sake coming from a parachute division from World War Two. The unit was formed in 2008, originally as a realism unit for the Half Life 2 modification, Resistance & Liberation, but soon moved to ArmA 2: Combined Operations for a more realistic, large scale and modern gaming experience.

As a British realism unit the 6th uses modern British Army Parachute Regiment equipment and tries to keep up-to date using third part modifications in conjuncture with larger realism modifications such as Advanced Combat Environment (ACE) and Advanced Combat Radio Environment (ACRE). We have a concrete rank system based on a hybridisation of NATO and British ranks; the rank structure ensures chain of command and realistic leadership responsibilities.

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