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Devious Old Gamers

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About the DOGs
The DOGs are a group of mature gamers only looking for a place to call home after a long day. We grow weary of the l33t gamers and other snot-nosed stereotypes that come to mind. In fact, we fully intend to teach those l33t gamers how its done. We'll salute you with a chuckle as you rage quit because mommy made you go to bed after we kicked your butt! It's our game now, go to bed so the grown-ups can play.

We play a variety of competitive and casual games. We provide Teamspeak, forums, forum sigs, fun, and destruction of the l33t kids for your gaming pleasure.

World region: Global
We have members from the US, Aus, UK, and more.

Must be 21+ years of age.
Teamspeak 3 is mandatory.
Must speak English.
Absolutely no hacking, glitching, cheating, or snot-nosed whining attitudes.
Must be an active gamer and part of our community.

To join the DOGs, first sign up on our forums and post an introduction message. Then join us on Teamspeak and get to know us. If its a good fit, you'll realize your own set of DOG tags.

Website: www.DeviousOldGamers.com
TS3: ts3.DeviousOldGamers.com:10000

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