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The AEF was founded in 2002 and was originally based around the game Battlefield 1942. We grew from one BF team to four and we have since grown exponentially and branched out into all areas of online gaming, fielding teams across a broad range of gaming genres.

Ten years later we are not only still going strong but we have grown into one of the most organized and experienced gaming communities in Australasia. This strength and this longevity is a testament to the many magnificent members and volunteers we have had in the last ten years. Many of the original members of the AEF are still with us and continuing their dedication and contribution to the AEF’s future.

The main objective of the AEF is to provide an organised and enjoyable environment for our members and to put it quite simply…..To have FUN! This is achieved by our members being aware of our Code of Conduct and by our 18+ policy for recruitment. We play with mature, like minded, individuals in a relaxed and properly organized environment.

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