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We’re about having a good time while shooting things online. Seriously. Primarily FPS games, but not exclusive to that genre – just know you won’t find any MOBA, MMORPG, RTS, etc. within our cozy confines. That’s just not…us.

In keeping with that simple theme, here’s what you WON’T find:

• Whiny kids
• Raging idiots
• A military ranking system
• Clan jobs
• Mandatory forum activity
• Cattle call recruiting

Are you getting the picture here? Outside of a few fancy titles denoting admins – we’re all “just” clan members. No ranks to chase, no duties to perform, and no desire to turn fun into work. We’re all busy people with lots going on in our respective lives, and are happy to just spend a few simple hours together every week trading headshots, and mowing down the enemy.

So simply speaking, it’s back to basics around here. We have fun, we’re nice to each other, and we have a passion for games with guns. We keep it simple – so you can have a good time ;)

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