Server Banners for [] TeamSpeak server (:). Showing information like server name, server online/offline, number of users, server IP, server graph, etc.

ERROR: Server not found

The requested server is not in the database.
Some possible reasons for this error are:
  • The REG ID for this registration was mis-typed or is incorrect
  • The registration was deleted because of beeing duplicate, error at email delivery, long inactivity, idiotic input or owners wish

Server Banners

The Server Banners are dynamic generated images showing almost live many usefull information. You can use them everywhere you want. Mostly they are used as forums signatures or as TeamSpeak status at homepages. Their format is PNG 24, among others it stands for highest quality for images in the internet. The banners are cached server side, worst case is for maximum 5 minutes. When you click on a banner you get the HTML code, the BB code and of course a direct link.

Motif / Category

  • REG ID identifies the correct server.

  • Motif / Category changes the motifs inside the banners.

  • Click on "Generate Banners" if you change REG ID or motif.

  • Click on the Banners to get their codes for implementation.
Examples follow for the TeamSpeak of The Game Wardens with BF3 motifs
Please enter above your servers REG ID to see your Server Banners instead of examples.
954571 is the REG ID from the The Game Wardens server registration.