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20th Virtual fighte Wng TS3

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20th vfw Sub: Falcon 4.0 REG ID: 961157  
TeamSpeak Password Status
protected, not public
United States
FLIGHT: Combat Simulations (Sub-Category: Falcon 4.0)
Falcon 4
Data from Global Scan
Last scanned before 8 minutes

Last online contact
22 Sep 2014 - 20:06
Last offline contact
21 Sep 2014 - 22:48

The Global Scan does scan in 5-10 minutes intervals. It collects data to make the User History, User Search, Activity Graph, Server Banners and User Banners possible. The TSViewer at the right side is live, dont confuse this both scanners.
Time Zone settings
No configuration found. Default in operation: GTM +1.00
Registered since
Wed, 15 Jun 2011 by admin

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TeamSpeak activity graph
TeamSpeak activity graph
98.37 %
Slot Usage
0.98 %
User Record
12 max. online
Code: 3331
flood ban

There are new anti flood settings in TeamSpeak 3 server. The TSViewer needs to send for example 7 commands (number of commands varies) to your server to get the needed informations. The default values for the anti flood are so low that it blocks TSViewer.com then.

Place the TSViewer.com server IP into the query_ip_whitelist.txt file inside of your server directory and wait 5 minutes for a whitelist rescan. If you dont have access to this kind of settings contact your TeamSpeak 3 hosting company to do that for you.
FLIGHT: Combat Simulations

FLIGHT: Combat Simulations