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Takistan Life Liberation TS3

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TLL REG ID: 1018371  
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without password (public)
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17 Apr 2014 - 02:58
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16 Apr 2014 - 08:06

The Global Scan does scan in 5-10 minutes intervals. It collects data to make the User History, User Search, Activity Graph, Server Banners and User Banners possible. The TSViewer at the right side is live, dont confuse this both scanners.
Traffic Information
Incoming Bandwidth 0.16 KByte/s
Outgoing Bandwidth 0.65 KByte/s
Total Bandwidth 0.82 KByte/s
Packets received 1.724.439.370
Packets sent 3.517.781.367
Data received 148.44 GByte
Data sent 349.62 GByte
Time Zone settings
No configuration found. Default in operation: GTM +1.00
Registered since
Wed, 08 May 2013 by ReleaseTheKraken

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Welcome message
Welcome to TLL! If it is your first time in this server please read the rules while waiting for permissions! Links for everything below.

Website: www.TakistanLifeLiberation.com
Twitter: www.Twitter.com/TakistanLifeLib
Rules: www.takistanlifeliberation.com/irules
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1 / 100
103D 05:01:27
TeamSpeak activity graph
TeamSpeak activity graph
99.62 %
Slot Usage
1.37 %
User Record
7 max. online
Client connections
38358 total
Query client con.
70616 total
Req. security level
Public Lobby
[TLL] limo R.I.P TLL
Requesting Permissions
Being helped
Not responding
Requesting a Staff Member
Requesting Help 2 (WAIT FOR HELP HERE)
Requesting Help 3 (WAIT FOR HELP HERE)
Requesting Help 4 (I AM A BIRD)
Being helped by Staff
Help Room 1 (Being Helped -Do not enter)
Help Room 2 (Being Helped -Do not enter)
Help Room 3 (Being helped -Do not enter)
Problem Solved
Testing Rooms
Testing Room 1
Testing Room 2
Out of Game rooms!
Music Lounge (We'll miss TLL)
Lounge 2(Scottish people only)
Lounge 3 (Out Of Game)
Meeting Room
Top Donator Lounge
LewisUK's Tea Room
[cspacer325554]Civilian Rooms
Civilians Lobby
Civilians (Room 1)
Civilians (Room 2)
Civilians (Room 3)
Gang Channels
Gang Channel 1
Gang Channel 2
Gang Channel 3
Gang Channel 4
Gang Channel 5
The Governors Quarters
The Mayor/Governors Office
Room 1 (Business as normal)
Room 2 (Meeting room)
Other Civilian Jobs
Bounty Hunter (Room 1)
Bounty Hunter (Room 2)
Private Military Company (Room 1)
Private Military Company (Room 2)
Assassins (Room 1)
Assassins (Room 2)
Russian Embassy
[cspacer122492]Takistan Life Police Dept
Cop Rooms/Police Rooms
Chief Of Police
Cop Room 1
Cop Room 2
Cop Room 3
Cop Room 4
Specialist Branches
Police Air Support
[cspacer1276492] Takistan Life UN
United Nations Rooms
UN (Room 1)
UN checkpoint
UN (Room 2)
UN checkpoint
[cspacer12247] Departments / White House
Washington D.C.
The White House
Oval Office
Situation Room
Presidential Emergency Operations Center
Department Of Defense
The Pentagon
D. Of Intelligence and National Security
Special Investigations Division
Department Of Media
Recording/Livestreaming/Editing [DND]
Meeting room (Recording)
Department of Recruitment
Meeting Room
Interview Room
Department of Admin Services
Meeting Room
Interrogation Room
[cspacer12] Staff Headquaters
Development [DND]
Steves Super Fun Cave
Development/Busy Room
Boxer's Armory
It's me, limo
JPreston's Prison
Rory's Racetrack
Pascals Little Amsterdam
[cspacer1563] Retired Staff
Challengers Coital Cloister
Symptoms Room
Jonny's Durex Protective Latex
Ryan's Slags
Gay Rainbows
Hillman's Brothel
Mikes Manly Man Cave
Allen's Autistic HQ
iTz BAM's Bunker
Colonel Clink's Crib | Brandenburg HQ
[cspacer13] AFK rooms and extra channels
AFK (Away from Keyboard)
Movie room (Dont poke/Message)
File upload
FPS: ArmA Series

FPS: ArmA Series