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TOUR   Introduction
Get an quick overview of the richness of with this tour. Go ahead ... is a big TeamSpeak Server Database with many functions. You can search for servers and look into them. You can build the TSViewer easily into your site. You have many different dynamic Server Banners. You can search for users that are currently online and were online in the last seven days, worldwide!

For each server you have a User History, Server Activity Overview, and more. The servers are categorized game- and nongamespecific. For example eSports games like the Counter-Strike series, MMORPGs like World of Warcraft, Strategygames like Warcraft 3, Flight Simulations, Racing and many more. Click on the next point and find out more ...

Newest Registrations

IP:Port GMT (+1.00)
  •     FPS  AmokLauf TS3
    |AL|ZeQxTv : 9988 Tue, 18:31
  •     FPS: Counter-Strike: Source  EvolutionX TS3
    evoX : 9988 Tue, 18:21
  •     FPS: Counter-Strike: GO  Narcotized Gaming TS3
    Narcotized : 9988 Tue, 18:02
  •     MMO: World of Tanks  Desstroyers TS3
    - : 2049 Tue, 17:37
  •     MMO: Final Fantasy XIV  Phoenix Rebirth TS3
    PR : 9987 Tue, 17:31
  •     RACING  HunWel TS3
    - : 10005 Tue, 17:17
  •     VARIOUS - GAMING  Private TS TS3
    PvS : 9987 Tue, 17:11
  •     FPS: ArmA Series  Alpha Red Squad TS3
    ARS : 12167 Tue, 17:06
  •     VARIOUS - GAMING  CHiPs Clan TS3
    CHiPs : 10025 Tue, 16:48
  •     VG: Diablo III  FGC TS3
    - : 15100 Tue, 16:19

Latest News


Doh! All passwords randomized

I´ve made changes to the way how passwords are stored in the database after the user mr.cee reminded me today, that it would be better to do it differently.

But i´ve made a slight mistake at the database configuration, so that all stored passwords are now invalid. Whoever wants to login into this registration, needs to utilize the forget password function before. It does generate a new random password.