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The requested user could not be found inside the database from the last seven days.
Maybe the nickname has been misspelled or the user was simply not online.

User Banners are displaying your personal TeamSpeak status.

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Get an quick overview of the richness of with this tour. Go ahead ... is a big TeamSpeak Server Database with many functions. You can search for servers and look into them. You can build the TSViewer easily into your site. You have many different dynamic Server Banners. You can search for users that are currently online and were online in the last seven days, worldwide!

For each server you have a User History, Server Activity Overview, and more. The servers are categorized game- and nongamespecific. For example eSports games like the Counter-Strike series, MMORPGs like World of Warcraft, Strategygames like Warcraft 3, Flight Simulations, Racing and many more. Click on the next point and find out more ...

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TS3 Client released

TeamSpeak Systems released a hotfix for the TS3 to fix some crashes and issues with the client not responding in response to some malicious Text messages being sent to clients.

Complete list of changes

TeamSpeak 3 - Client Changelog
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+ Added feature or noticeable improvement
- Bug fix or something removed
* Changed or Information
! Important - Take note!

Client Release 14 Jul 2014
- Fixed possible client freeze with url tags.
- Fixed possible client freeze with huge images.
- Images (both remote and ts3image) with width or height > 4000 px are now
refused and no longer displayed in the channel description.
- Magnet urls are now allowed.
- Limited number of caught URLs to 10 per chat message.
- Adjustments to teamspeak control plugin for better Overwolf compatibility.

To update simply use the Updater in the TeamSpeak client or download the new version at

Release thread at the official forums