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Please update your TS3 server whitelist. has moved to a new IP: | More Details here


The requested user could not be found inside the database from the last seven days.
Maybe the nickname has been misspelled or the user was simply not online.

User Banners are displaying your personal TeamSpeak status.

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TOUR   Introduction
Get an quick overview of the richness of with this tour. Go ahead ... is a big TeamSpeak Server Database with many functions. You can search for servers and look into them. You can build the TSViewer easily into your site. You have many different dynamic Server Banners. You can search for users that are currently online and were online in the last seven days, worldwide!

For each server you have a User History, Server Activity Overview, and more. The servers are categorized game- and nongamespecific. For example eSports games like the Counter-Strike series, MMORPGs like World of Warcraft, Strategygames like Warcraft 3, Flight Simulations, Racing and many more. Click on the next point and find out more ...

Newest Registrations

IP:Port GMT (+1.00)
  •     MMO: World of Warcraft  La communauté TS3
    - : 9987 Tue, 00:01
  •     MMO: World of Warcraft  MythWoW TS3
    MW : 9987 Mon, 23:51
  •     FPS  45th SuicideKings TS3
    [45th] : 9987 Mon, 23:31
  •     FPS: Call of Duty 4 [MW]  sYn eSports TS3
    sYn : 6969 Mon, 23:30
  •     RACING: Euro Truck Simulator 2  Serveur de secours FRT TS3
    [S] F.R.T. : 50579 Mon, 23:14
  •     MMO: Guild Wars 1/2  Alteseisen TS3
    AE : 9987 Mon, 23:13
  •     MMO: Guild Wars 1/2  Avalon Knight TS3
    AK : 9987 Mon, 22:49
  •     VG: Minecraft  Monster Cube TS3
    - : 10300 Mon, 22:38
  •     MMO: World of Warcraft  Demons TS3
    - : 9987 Mon, 22:26
  •     MMO: The Elder Scrolls Online  Blades of Insanity TS3
    BoI : 9993 Mon, 22:08

Latest News


The new server is here!

The most important information for you first
The IP of has changed to This new IP address needs to be placed into the query_ip_whitelist.txt so the TSViewer is able to query your TeamSpeak 3 server successfully.

This file is located in the TeamSpeak 3 server directory. Simply exchange the old IP ( against the new one (

You dont have access to this file if your TS3 server is rent. In that case inform your hosting company about the IP change of please.

What is there else to report?
It seems everything is running and is faster then before. The TSViewer´s get because of the SSD´s and the speedy CPU´s generated faster and the database queries for the other functions are getting processed immediately.

Errors & Co
I hope I didnt overlook any parameters when configuring the services, but its possible. Please inform me if you stubmle into errors so I can fix them.

DDoS protection
If you have maybe noticed, has been a victim of DDoS attacks in the last few months and the most important advantage of the move is the DDoS protection. If the DDoS protections works we will not become aware of an attack and the page will be accessible for you 24/7.

What does follow?
The improvement of all features. The channel spacer, the icons from channels and users, maybe avatars, improved server and user banners, a better user history and so on.

Thank you for reading! I keep you posted.