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The requested user could not be found inside the database from the last seven days.
Maybe the nickname has been misspelled or the user was simply not online.

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TOUR   Introduction
Get an quick overview of the richness of with this tour. Go ahead ... is a big TeamSpeak Server Database with many functions. You can search for servers and look into them. You can build the TSViewer easily into your site. You have many different dynamic Server Banners. You can search for users that are currently online and were online in the last seven days, worldwide!

For each server you have a User History, Server Activity Overview, and more. The servers are categorized game- and nongamespecific. For example eSports games like the Counter-Strike series, MMORPGs like World of Warcraft, Strategygames like Warcraft 3, Flight Simulations, Racing and many more. Click on the next point and find out more ...

Newest Registrations

IP:Port GMT (+1.00)
  •     NONG: WebRadio  star-night-radio TS3
    - : 9987 Fri, 14:38
  •     MMO: World of Warcraft  Hate Society TS3
    Hate : 11027 Fri, 14:26
  •     FPS: Battlefield 4  Semper Communis TS3
    SC : 15200 Fri, 13:53
  •     BROWSER GAMES  * TS3
    - : 27015 Fri, 13:30
  •     VG: Grand Theft Auto  Vcubic TS3
    =V³= : 9987 Fri, 13:09
  •     BROWSER: Dark Orbit TS3 : 9988 Fri, 13:02
  •     BROWSER GAMES  Felins TS3
    - : 26125 Fri, 12:51
  •     VG: Minecraft  Ts-Server TS3
    CTS : 12300 Fri, 12:27
  •     FPS: Battlefield 3  AAA] Awesome, Anytime, Anyw... TS3
    AAA : 9997 Fri, 11:48
  •     FPS  BattleCry TS3
    BC : 10025 Fri, 11:48

Latest News

25.07.2014 moves today to an new server

Today is the day of the announced server change. Most of the services are already configuried and ready to receive visitors. What is left to do is the email server configuration.

For the server change it will be necessary to copy the database, to modify it and to let it go live. As soon this is done i will update the DNS configuration of the Domain to point it to the new server.

The IP of the new server is

Progress Update 15:20 GMT +1

- email server configuried
- database copied
- database imported
- DNS updated to new IP